The Best of Both!

the best of both

When a designer meets a developer

We are The Best of Both. When a designer teams up with a developer, a golden duo is born. With our developing and designing qualities we can accomplish many great things!

Since we are both student with an enormous drive to accomplish things, we feel your pain to pay all those high prices. We have a special offer for students. If you can show us a legal studentcard, you get the same for a student price!

our portfolio

Since we are the best of both, we do many things. We design and develop websites. We can design & develop websites, we can make animation movies or posters for you and your company. We have selected some works we have already done, so you’ll get an impression in what we are able to do.



Footique is a website for a Dutch pedicure. She does not work in her own salon, but visits her clients at their own home. So we made a different-than-normal website for her.

Our jobOur part in this case was designing and developing the website.

Under construction

our service

Do you need a website? We can and will create the perfect website for your business.
Since we are both students, we feel the pain of paying high prices. If you can show us a legal studentcard, we have a lower price for you!



Excluding hosting

Costs: €400

This package includes: a design plus a revision and a developed website plus a revision.

Want some extra's?

  • Extra revision:€25
  • Basic CMS€1000
  • Basic animation€150
  • Responsive€250


Excluding hosting

Costs: €800

This package includes: a design plus a revision and a developed website plus a revision.

Want some extra's?

  • Extra revision:€75
  • Basic CMS€1500
  • Basic animation€300
  • Responsive€500

about us

Our shared name is the Best of Both. But who are we personally? What studies did we follow? What are our specialties and what makes us the best of both?

Marc Edel


StudiesApplication Development
Communication & Multimedia Design

Animation movies
Ability to share knowledge with others

Rebecca Freeling


StudiesGraphic Designer
Communication & Multimedia Design

Ability to empathize

our shared specialties

doing    research

We know how to do research in different ways. We do fieldresearch as well as deskresearch. By doing research, you get to know your target audience better and get to know what they want.

Problem solving
solving    problems

A designer thinks only in design possibilities and a developer only in develop possibilities. But by sharing ideas there are many more possibilities This way we are able to solve complex problems by approaching solutions from different directions.

Problem solving
creating    concepts

We are both creative people and in brainstorming sessions we ask each other the right questions to come to high end results. This is what makes us good at creating unique concepts.

being    context-aware

The designs we create will fit on any device, so your website will be up and running on devices such as mobile phones, tablets and of course your desktop


Do you have a question, project, comment or something else for us? Please feel free to contact us! We won’t bite, we promise.

Send us an

Call MarcMarc: +31 6 34 64 02 98    Rebecca: +31 6 38 16 20 11